ENTitis baby

Paediatrics, Laryngology

Dietary supplement
For infants above 6 months old and children.

STOP! To recurring problems with ears, nose, throat. Preparation recommended by Polish Society of Children’s Otolaryngologists.

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How to use

For pharmacist

Dietary supplement
For infants above 6 months old and children.

STOP! To recurring problems with ears, nose, throat.
Preparation recommended by Polish Society of Children’s Otolaryngologists.

ENTitis baby is an effect of 30 years of researches. It was worked out with thought of infants and children vulnerable to disorders of physiological balance of oral cavity and nasopharynx microflora. ENTitis baby has in its content probiotic strain Streptococcus salivarius K12 which was isolated in oral cavity of a child who has had no afflictions with ears, nose and throat in the last 6 years. It’s the first in the world oral preparation which contains S. salivarius K12 that supports production of beneficial for body lantibiotics, which act antagonistically on pathogenic micro-organisms.

ENTitis is recommended for all infants above 6 months old and children, especially:

  • for children in big concentrations (e.g. nursery, kindergarten)
  • for children who have increased tendency to discomfort connected with ear, nose, throat, to rebuild beneficial microflora,
  • for children after finished antibiotic therapy,
  • to support body in autumn and winter season,

Varied diet and healthy lifestyle are important to stay healthy.


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Neutral flavour- ingredients: maltodextrin; Streptococcus salivarius K12; cholecalciferol (vitamin D).

Content of vitamins and other active ingredients in a recommended daily intake-1 sachet:
- Streptococcus salivarius K12 – 5 x 109 CFU* (2,5 billion)
-Vitamin D-5 µg (200 i.u. 100% NRV**)
*CFU-colony forming units; quantity guaranteed in the moment of packing
**NRV-Nutrient Reference Value

Product may contain milk proteins and lactose.

Content of sachet Entitis baby should be taken before sleep after brushing of teeth to the strain could effectively colonize oral cavity and nasopharynx. Entitis baby can be also given to child for 5 minutes to prolong as much as possible the contact of preparation with mucosa of child’s oral cavity. A pacifier can be used in this situation. Open sachet and add its content to clean glass. Immerse wet pacifier in the powder. Put pacifier to child’s mouth and wait for 30 seconds until the powder dissolves. Repeat this action until you give child the whole portion from sachet. Entitis baby can be also applied in form of oral suspension with use of special pacifier for applying preparations. In case of children who don’t use pacifier the content of sachet can be dissolved in small amount of water and small portions of preparation can be given with teaspoon for 5 minutes. Don’t drink right after taking the preparation. Do not use with antibiotics and antibacterial preparations

Recommended daily intake:
1 sachet daily for at least 3 months.
Do not exceed the recommended daily intake of the product.
Dietary supplements cannot be used as a substitute of a varied diet.


  • Entitis baby, neutral flavours
  • 30 sachets
  • Net weight: 57 g (30 sachets)

If you have more questions concerning the product write to us: export@polskilek.pl