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Magnesium Cardio

Magnesium + Vitamin B6 is especially recommended for those exposed to magnesium deficiency and elevated levels of LDL cholesterol. It strengthens the nervous system, exerts a protective effect on the heart muscle, preventing ischemia and hypoxia. The extract of red wine contains polyphenols, which improve blood flow and inhibit oxidation of LDLcholesterol particles. 90 mg of magnesium contained in a dose of 2 tablets supplement the daily requirement of this element by 30%; vitamin B6 ensures its better assimilability.

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General Information
It is recommended to consume 2-6 tablets daily.
30 or 60 tablets.
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Composition of the product
Vitamin B6 2,1 mg (150 % RDA)
Magnesium 270 mg (72 % RDA)
Red Wine Extract 350 mg
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